The SPARTA Lab is currently looking for self-motivated students seeking a Ph.D. in Computer Science and interested in pursuing research in topics related to computational social science, online privacy, and Internet measurement. Send an email to "rishab[-]nithyanand[at]uiowa[dot]edu" with the subject "you NEED to hire me!" if you're interested in working with us and have a demonstrably strong background in any of the following areas: computer networking, statistics, text analytics, or experiment design.



Rishab Nithyanand
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. students

M.Sc. students

Lucas Ausberger
Spring 2022 -

B.Sc. students


John Thiede
John Thiede
M.Sc. and B.Sc. researcher (2019-22)
Next: Ph.D. @ UMass Amherst
Yiqing Zhu
Yiqing Zhu
Graduate (M.Sc.) researcher (2019-21)
Mert Erdemir
Graduate (M.Sc) researcher (2020-21)
Next: Ph.D. @ Georgia Tech
Piotr Smietana
Undergraduate researcher (2020-21)
Next: Software Engineer @ Pegasystems
Daniyal Dar
Ph.D. student (2019-21)
Next: Ph.D. @ University of Iowa (advised by Omar Chowdhury)
Xiao Song
Xiao Song
Undergraduate researcher (2018-19)
Next: Ph.D. @ University of Southern California
Xiaoyu Xing
Graduate (M.Sc.) Researcher (2019-20)
Next: Software engineer @ Amazon
Yao Wang
Yao Wang
Undergraduate researcher (2019-20)
Next: M.Sc. @ Georgia Institute of Technology