The SPARTA Lab is currently looking for self-motivated students seeking a Ph.D. in Computer Science and interested in pursuing research in topics related to computational social science, online privacy, and Internet measurement. Send an email to "rishab[-]nithyanand[at]uiowa[dot]edu" with the subject "you NEED to hire me!" if you're interested in working with us and have a demonstrably strong background in any of the following areas: computer networking, statistics, text analytics, or experiment design.

Platform Auditing

Rishab Nithyanand
Assistant Professor
Hussam Habib
Fall 2019 -

We perform large-scale measurements of online platforms to bring transparency to how they operate. Our current efforts are focused on: (1) understanding the biases that the algorithms used by these platforms exhibit and (2) developing methodologies to improve researchers’ abilities to audit these platforms.