The SPARTA Lab is currently looking for self-motivated students seeking a Ph.D. in Computer Science and interested in pursuing research in topics related to computational social science, online privacy, and Internet measurement. Send an email to "rishab[-]nithyanand[at]uiowa[dot]edu" with the subject "you NEED to hire me!" if you're interested in working with us and have a demonstrably strong background in any of the following areas: computer networking, statistics, text analytics, or experiment design.

Advertising & Tracking

Maaz Bin Musa
Fall 2019 -
Lucas Ausberger
Spring 2022 -
Rishab Nithyanand
Assistant Professor

Our focus is on designing methodologies and performing measurements to improve transparency in the opaque world of online advertising and tracking. In particular, we are interested in illuminating the online data sharing ecosystem.

We are currently working on several projects to (1) uncover tracker-tracker and tracker-advertiser data sharing relationships, (2) identify violations of government and industry imposed regulations on data sharing, and (3) measure the impact of shared data on online discrimination.